Coeus and Phoebe

The couple of Titans Coeus and Phoebe had two children, Asteria and Leto.

Coeus: “the one who thinks” is why several authors conGreek mythology: Coeus and Phoebesider, consider this Titan as the divinity of Intelligence. The Romans call it Polos, the axis of the world around which the constellations rotate. He participated in the Titanomachy and was like the other Titans locked up at the bottom of Tartarus. However, he tried to escape and was caught by Cerberus. He married Phoebe.
Phoebe: “the brilliant”, is the Titanid “in the golden diadem” will say Hesiod; Coeos’ wife she kept her place in heaven after the Titans’ revolt.
Phoebe was the Titanid of Light who later became associated with Selene the moon goddess. She was also the Titanid of prophecies, especially the oracle of Delphi. She was the third goddess to be in charge of it, after Gaia and Themis. Aeschylus in the introduction of the Eumenides makes the Pythia itself say that Phoebe had control of this oracle which she transmitted to Apollo as a birthday gift.
The couple had two daughters: Leto and Asteria who were both sought by Zeus.
The couple had two children:

Asteria is the Greek goddess of the night oracles, such as astrology and dream interpretation. She married Peres, the son of Crios and Eurybia, and they had as a child the goddess of Hecate. One day Asteria to escape Zeus had turned into a quail but the god turned into an eagle, so she panicked and threw herself into the sea. At the place where it fell, a floating island was formed, first called Asteria in her honor and then Ortygie. Fortunately, the island was floating because Asteria was once again pursued by Poseidon’s assiduity this time.
Leto is the mother by Zeus of the two twins Artemis and Apollon.
When Leto was jealous of Hera and sought a place to give birth, Asteria welcomed him to her island, thus counteracting Hera’s order that no land should accept her rival. The island was then fixed by a stake to the seabed by Poseidon.


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