Hyperion and Theia

Hyperion (Gr. Ὑπερίων) is one of the twelve Titans, sons of Gaia and Ouranos, whose name means “the one who goes above” for a long time was mistaken for Helios who is his son.

Hyperion version Marvel comics book

Hyperion is considered to have understood first how the stars worked.

The Titanid Theia (Θεια) is also called Euryphaessa and its name simply means “goddess”.
Not to be confused with an Oceanid which has the same name.

Hyperion joins his sister Theia to give birth to:

  • Helios (the Sun),
  • Selene (the Moon),
  • Eos (the Dawn).

“And Theia gives birth to the great Helios and the shining Selene, and Eos brings light to all earthly men and immortal gods who inhabit the wide Ouranos. And she bore them, having united in love with Hyperion.”



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